Humberside as a county was set up in 1974 and lasted until 1996 when the area was spilt up into different counties again. This area covers either side of the river Humber and is a region full of contrasts. On the one hand you can see the industrial past of the area including the fishing industry for which Humberside was once famous and on the other you have the relative tranquillity of the coast, the Humber estuary and the inland areas of natural beauty.

The only city that was located in Humberside was Kingston upon Hull (or Hull as it is often more commonly known). Hull is a lively city full of museums, galleries and a famous aquarium - The Deep. Other towns in the area such as Grimsby showcase the once thriving fishing industry that made this area such a desirable place to settle in the past.

The coastal and estuary areas of Humberside present a different perspective of the area. Cleethorpes, for example, is a typical sea side town whilst other towns on the coast such as Hornsea offer a different coastal perspective. Walkers and nature and bird lovers recommend the Humberside area as a good place to see many different birds and wildlife species.

Inland Humberside is also very different. This part of the area is full of charming villages and hamlets. The market town of Beverley, for example, is home to Beverley Minster, various local markets and Beverley Racecourse.